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Our Journey of discovery around Moms offers much more than comforting moments, in the moment delights, care, comfort with access to the contemporary facilities supported by industry experts and dedicated healthcare professionals. Preggy, the connoisseur for expectant moms, comes from the experiences of a working pregnant mother addressing the real-time pain points faced by them during this journey while striving to strike a balance between professional and personal life. Our initiative has earned Preggy the reputation of the Best Pregnancy Care online platform in the country. Our holistic approach around maternity needs and personalized services make us the most preferred choice. We constantly drive service excellence and aim to empower moms-to-be with the choicest choices, give them millennial mom experience, stage-by-stage guidance, personalized advice, and checklists so they are equipped with all that they need during their motherhood journey.



Aarthilakshmi Muthukumar


Influential I Self-driven I Visionary

 Aarthilakshmi Muthukumar the female entrepreneur, Founder of Preggy envisions a platform to seamlessly bridge the huge gap that usually is experienced by women from all backgrounds. During the most important phase of their life. Aartilakshmi leads with compassion, empathy, and respect. She offers her clients care and comfort to drive a perfect balance in their professional and personal life throughout their pregnancy journey. She is today’s woman, and she aims at building a world-class brand that would exemplify and represent an all-inclusive working environment in her endeavor to support expectant working women.She is a proud owner of her dream venture, Preggy that has got incubated at NSRCEL, IIMB through the Women Start-up Program. Enlisting her to the top 200 positions amongst 10,000 participants nationally.Extremely passionate, she drives excellence and has in such a short span discovered the most ignored trends, makes viable decision of them, and impact the lives of many women – she has proven to be an ideal entrepreneur and visionary and shall continue to do the same

Daranya Muthukumar

Daranya Muthukumar

Co- Founder

Ambitious I Resilient I Unruffled

Daranya, Co-founder of Preggy comes from a fashion technology background, a competitive industry. She brings expertise which she seamlessly combines with her passion right from the threshold of launching, planning, executing, and more. Her trove and fondness to ease pregnancy and maternity experience have optimized the Preggy experience. She has so far had an enjoyable route to discovering new ideas and comfort, after observing the difficult phases that a pregnant lady undergoes. She brainstormed and launched a service-based venture that would save time and energy for a pregnant mom. She largely focuses on NRIs who miss out on the elderly care and their pampering from their moms.
She is completely devoted to perfecting Preggy, its service offering and aims to revolutionalize Preggy as a bigger and more ambitious project.Her handhold commitment to evolve Preggy as the venture leading to an honest and committed dream has come true in its most vibrant form.