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1. Welcome to Preggy (“Website” or “Preggy”) It is an online service provider which is managed online by Up Above Online Retail. The owner of the website is Up Above Online Retail who handles the website operations (‘Up Above Online Retail’ or ‘Team’ or ‘Preggy’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’’). Our registered office is located B-3 Hudco colony,Peelamedu,Coimbatore- 641004. Enrolling for membership of the website means that one has registered themselves with Up Above Online Retail. Up Above Online Retail believes in data confidentiality and never shares any personal information which is collected on the website or personally. We understand that the use of personal information is a delicate matter that members are worried about while sharing with us. We realize how necessary it is to protect the privacy of all the people who have shared their data, irrespective of whether they are members or not. We honor the privacy of everyone and for the impact, we have created this Privacy Policy Statement (“Privacy Policy”).

2. The Newly formed privacy policy is an essential part of the Terms of Use of the Website (“Terms”) set out at https://Preggy/terms_of use. It will be included in the Terms and Conditions.

3. For any kind of query or doubts related to our Privacy Policy, kindly call 78069
98574 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) or at

4. We take pride in dealing with customer information with the utmost sensitivity. The trust of our customers is very important for us and maintaining their privacy is part of the process. As per Privacy Policy, only the customer's name, and data required as per the Privacy Policy are used by the company. We only ask customers to share the required important information. The information
obtained is as per the Privacy policy to initiate the work.

5. Customers are concerned about how long the information is kept with the company as they are worried about leaking the data. The data is kept with the company till the time it is required to complete the work. After completion of work, data is kept only till the time it is required as per
the law.

6. According to the laws, the website is allowed to use the information shared by the customer and not restricted to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules mentioned in it. All the  data is used for completing the work or transactions within the laws.

7. Company collects data of the customer like title, name, and gender, residential address with Pincode, email address, phone number, education, and occupation. Every data obtained by us is properly saved and processed for all your purchases on the website. It helps to provide better services and to settle any future claims of the customer. We are also interested in your hobbies like
movies, travel, the kind of books you like to read, photography, etc. Your views about the range of products, services, whether our website is user friendly or not matter a lot. If you register through a social networking site, then you are permitted to access your picture, name, gender, email address, friend list, and any other public information which is required by the website to serve.

8. The customer's data is further shared with our employees, agents, suppliers, banks, payment gateways, associates, and all the other associated people. As per law, we also need to share the data with law enforcement agencies and judicial institutions, and individuals.

9. Data like name, address, contact details are shared by third parties like courier companies or delivery agents to deliver the products safely and smoothly.

10. Data is used to maintain the website, processing payments, smooth use of the website by enabling few features, identify any threat or fraud, update you with all the latest information about our website or products, and resolve your queries. Payments made by you are safe and processed by a secure gateway through Razorpay in India.

11. You hereby confirm that all the information shared by you with Preggy is true, correct and nothing is hidden and updated. The data shared by you should not belong to any third party or person. If any such data is shared by you, then you must have all the rights and permissions to access or use.

12. Website and its directors, employees, associates, agents, suppliers, and any third party associated with us cannot be held responsible for any third party or person's data shared by you. You have to guarantee that we are harmless. If not done, will be treated as a breach of Privacy Policy.

13. You have to give an undertaking which will mention that the access of the personal data should be confidential. The customer has to make sure that it is not shared by any third party or person that is not authorized to use it. We cannot be held responsible for any password leak or misuse unless our fault is proved.

14. We respect all the data shared by the customer. Without their consent, the data is kept safe
and never shared with anybody unauthorized. We never sell or rent any data with anybody for any
purpose, especially marketing. Data can be used only according to the terms in the Privacy policy.
We, as a company, understand the confidentiality of your data as it is shared by you with trust. It is
an important asset for us. Procured data is saved and processed in our database based out of India.
The entire data is saved on paper and safely maintained in files. The data is also stored in
computers with all the safety measures. All the measures are taken care of to prevent any internet
fraud. The privacy policy is verified by various people or sources to avoid any legal complications. If
a customer is uncomfortable with their data being shared with any associated third-party vendor,
then they should refrain from using the website. A customer has to agree with all the terms and
conditions of the Privacy policy to become a member or to purchase any product on the website.

15. We have a right to share data with any legally authorized third party that seeks us with any such request. Otherwise, we do not share or trade any data with any company for marketing use under any conditions without customers' consent. Disclosure of any data is not allowed in our company.

16. However, the website will not be held responsible for any kind of damage or loss of data or even for misuse of the data shared by the customer.

17. Preggy never saves or access details of a customer's card or any other payment mode. Debit or Credit Card details like debit or credit card number, PIN, CVV, expiry date are not saved by us. The information is completely safe and secure. The payment details are completely encrypted using
Industrial Strength Cipher. The payment transmission is safe and secure. It is completed only after obtaining authorization from the cardholder. While making any purchase, the website asks for all the payment details of card or net banking details on the payment page which is completely safe to use as it is encrypted. At any stage, Preggy never saves or procures payment information for any kind of misuse.

18. When a customer uses our website, the cookies are also stored. Cookies are part of the browser and are received from web browsers. Cookies give us access to certain customer’s information automatically through our web server. Little unknown information is obtained and secured from the cookies sent to customers' browsers saved on the customer's hard drive. The information like IP address, domain server which is used by the customer, history of pages visited,
data searched on the computer, web browser used, computer-identification information, products viewed or added, number of times customer visit the page, visit any other website at the same time, links clicked on the website.Another kind of personal data is also collected like interest or hobbies of the customer, opinions on our products or services or any other feature of our website.
The customer can deactivate their account at any given time if they wish to. They have to write an email to from their registered email address that was used to create an account with us. The subject line of the email should be "Please close my Preggy account". The email address should have all the account details like username, customer name, address, contact details, and reason (if any) and concern (if any) of the customer. The timeline to deactivate any account is 2 working days after receiving the email from the customer. However, even after deactivating your account, your information saved in our database will remain with us in our archived files. It will remain in the archives as long as we are required to keep it according to the laws. Hence, customers should register only if they are fine with the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

19 Our website may contain links to other websites. It is the responsibility of the customer if they want to click on the link and use it. Our company is not responsible for any kind of content or practices or privacy conditions managed by the other website. We do not own these links of a third party. Our company does not have any kind of right or control over these links and cannot be held for
any kind of data misuse or threat.

20 Cookies are stored by the web browser on customers' hard drive. It has all the basic information of the computer used by the customer and all the data searched or viewed on the browser. Cookies are very common to use on the internet on any browser or website. The use of cookies on our website is similar to any other reputed website. Cookies help us customize the website as per the customer's requirements. This makes the experience for any customer a good
experience. Cookies save customers time while using the website as it recognizes the customer and their needs. Cookies help in understanding customers interests as it tracks their activities on the internet. The kind of data searched by the customer makes the customization easy and useful. To create a user-friendly website for the customers, cookies collect non-personal identifiable
information based on the pages visited and products viewed or searched.We also give permissions to third parties to advertise their products. A small advertisement is run on the side of the website to display the products. Many times these advertisements are related to the products we sell on our website. As browsers accept cookies automatically but one can still change the settings of cookies to prevent sharing of any kind of data on the browser. The customer has all the right to accept or decline any kind of cookies or terms or conditions of the website. Customers should be aware that if they decline any kind of cookie, then they might not be able to use some features of the website. 

21 We keep updating our Privacy policy timely. The changes depend on any kind of change in the product of the law. So, we revise our privacy policy when required.Any kind of update or changes in the policy is informed to all the existing members. Every time any change made by the company on the website is informed to the customer and they have to agree to it to continue their